Step 01:

Cleanse skin prior to use and evenly place Enriching Mask on the face.

Step 02:

To activate the Empowering Mask, apply 2-3 drops of Boosting Essence on the two micro-cells on each side of the mask where the arrows are pointing.

Step 03:

Overlay the Empowering Mask on the Enriching Mask (flat side against skin) and pat with fingers to make sure that it is attached tightly.

* Relax for 20~25 minutes. Remove and discard the masks, then gently pat remaining serum until fully absorbed. Do not wash.


Q : Can the FRANZ Dual Mask System be used on any skin?


FRANZ mask can be used for most skin types including oily, dry, combination, sensitive skin and acne skin. However, for severe skin conditions, please consult your doctor.

Q : How often do you recommend I use FRANZ Dual Mask?


We recommend to use 3~4 times for first 2 weeks and 1~2 times thereafter for maintenance. However, you may vary frequency depending condition of your skin as well as your skincare goals. Some people have used the FRANZ mask almost daily for a limited time to see fast improvements.


Q : When shall I activate the Empowering Mask with Boosting Essence ?  


Microcurrent starts to run immediately after dropping Boosting Essence on the micro ion-cells. Therefore you should activate the Empowering Mask after placing the Enriching Mask on your face. For best results, apply Empowering Mask immediately after activation.

Q : How much Boosting Essence should I use?


Apply 2-3 drops of Boosting Essence on the flat side of the two micro ion-cells on Empowering Mask. You only need total of 3-4 drops (approximately 2~3ml) per treatment.


Q : Which side of the Empowering Mask should face outward?


Flat side of the micro ion-cells should be against skin


Q : May I apply Boosting Essence on the skin?  


Although Boosting Essence is also cosmetic ingredient safe to use on skin, the main purpose is to active the Empowering Mask. Therefore we do not claim any skin benefits of the product.


Q : What do you recommend I apply after using the Mask?


Applying additional moisturizer (essence, lotion or cream) can help to further seal-in the ingredients, resulting in better results.